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Suitable for first time entrants to hairdressing. Supported by our highly experienced and passionate team of hairdressers, a comprehensive course leading to the Level 2 Diploma for hair professionals, which covers areas such as colour, cutting, shampooing, styling and finishing and perming.


Suitable for stylists who have industry experience or a Level 2 Diploma. Leading to a national vocational qualification which covers nine subject areas, including advanced cutting  and styling techniques, advanced colour and colour correction methods, business and promotional activities.


Your learner will work in a well equipped salon which is supported by L’Oreal. Our Assessors teach above the National Standards enabling your Learner to achieve the necessary skills to work on the salon floor as a Stylist. They will gain confidence in working with clients in a professional and friendly environment.


Entry Requirements

You do not require GCSE’s to achieve the apprenticeship, however, you will need stamina due to standing all day, a sense of humour as you will be working with fun loving people and will need the desire to make other people happy.

Government funding available  for 16-18 year-olds.


Suitable for first time entrants to hairdressing

We offer the City and Guilds Hair Professional standard qualification at level 2 (7002)

You will be supported by our highly experienced and passionate team of hairdressers, enabling you to achieve the confidence to work as an effective team member in a commercial salon environment while creating both commercial and fashion looks for your clients.

Once you have completed all the on-programme assessment requirements for the Diploma for hair professionals including Maths and English where needed, along with formative assessment of knowledge and behaviours, communication skills and employability skills you will have arrived at the Gateway where you will now be entered for your end point assessment, this provides a ’Snap shot’ holistic assessment of your practical skills, similar to an industry trades test.

On completion of the end point assessment you will be awarded a Pass or distinction and this will mean you have acquired the necessary skills to perform in a commercial salon at a stylist level; you will then be awarded your certificate on successful completion of the course starting you on your career path as a hair professional.

The course duration is a minimum of 24 months and requires one days training a week at the hair academy, along with the employer commitment to in salon training on the other four days to further support learners progress along side attending the academy.



The Level 3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals covers all of the core knowledge and skills needed to become an advanced and creative Hairdresser, covering areas such as:

  • Creative restyles
  • Creative styling and dressing of the hair
  • Colour correction services
  • Consultation
  • Smoothing and strengthening systems
  • Creative collections
  • EPA
  • Values, Behaviours & Attitude

The Level 3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals is a newly created qualification based on employer needs and has been designed by employers. The Diploma can be used to support the on-programme journey in preparation for completing the end-point assessment for the Advanced and Creative Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standard.

This is a qualification designed for learners who are at least 16 years old and who wish to develop the skills and knowledge needed work as a Hairdresser. They may have previously completed a Level 2 qualification in the relevant subject area. Learners wishing to complete this qualification will ideally be doing so as an employed, apprentice in a real work environment

Are there any costs that I have to pay?
Please note that any learners over the age of 19 will attract a 5% employer contribution to training, this covers both the Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications



Who are we?

At the hair academy we have an enthusiastic and friendly group of assessors that are qualified to the highest levels and are constantly improving their skills to meet learner’s needs effectively. We teach in small groups to ensure that they have the attention and support that they need.

Your learner will work in a well-equipped salon which is supported by L’Oréal.

Our assessors teach above the National standards to enable your learner to achieve the necessary skills to work on the salon floor as a stylist. Using our rigorous assessment process, we aim to support them in becoming the best they can be within our industry. They will gain confidence in working with clients in a professional and friendly environment.

This information pack will give you the information that you need for employing a future learner onto our apprenticeship programme.


Triple A:




The Definition of Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a job that requires substantial and sustained training leading to the achievement of the apprenticeship standard and the development of transferable skills.

This definition is underpinned by four principles of future apprenticeship

  • An apprenticeship is a job in a skilled occupation
  • The apprenticeship requires substantial and sustained training lasting a minimum of 12 months and one day, normally 2.5 years including 20% of the job training
  • An apprenticeship leads to full competency of achievement of the apprenticeship standards that is defined by employers and apprentices.
  • An apprenticeship develops transferable skills, including English and Maths, values and behaviours, attitude, employability skills and life skills.

What hairdressing apprenticeships are available at the hair academy?

Here at The Hair Academy we offer a fun and varied curriculum designed for people aged 16-24. The level 2 is the intermediate apprenticeship and the level 3 is the advanced apprenticeship.

The level 2 apprenticeship for a 16-18 year old is government funded and is available to young people looking for work based learning. This allows them to earn whilst they learn. The duration of an apprenticeship is on average two years, but this will be agreed with you and the assessor during the induction process.

Level 2 Diploma for Hair Professionals (Standard)

This is national vocational qualification (NVQ) hairdressing standard. This apprenticeship will cover various units to include cutting, styling, perming, colouring, styling, and dressing, hair up, along with consultation.

Once the learner is qualified to a NVQ level 2 they would have developed the skills to work within a salon as well as gained many employability skills, values, behaviours, and attitude along with Maths & English if needed.

To be eligible for this course the learner must have a contract of employment and a copy given to us to hold on file and be employed on a full time basis (30 hours a week minimum) paid the minimum wage for their age and complete 20% off the job training in salon.

The Advanced and Creative Hair Professional Apprenticeship level 3 (standard)

This is a national vocational qualification (NVQ) hairdressing standard. This apprenticeship will cover a variety of units some of these include creative restyles and creative styling & dressing techniques colouring conversion methods, consultation, smoothing and straightening

This qualification will enable the apprentice to work in salon at supervisory level

To be eligible for this course the learner must have completed the NVQ level 2 in hairdressing or have equivalent experience, be working under a contract of employment in a salon on a full time basis.

What is The Hair Academy/Employer/Learner’s Agreement and commitment statement?

Our learner agreement and commitment statement is a contract between The Hair Academy the employer and the learner. Everyone involved will sign to agree their roles and responsibilities in regard to the apprenticeship. The employer will be issued with a definition of a quality apprenticeship agreement. This document identifies the employer’s responsibilities to the learner during their time of employment on their apprenticeship programme.

You are responsible for covering the following,

Covering safeguarding, equal opportunity provisions, work hours and annual leave, training nights/days, salon code of conduct, working time regulations/ minimum wage, sickness absence and sick pay, employee rights- contracts of employment, organisations within hairdressing, Health & Safety, Grievance procedure, Disciplinary procedure and advice, issue of Public concern, career path ways and  progression routes and advice on maternity rights and pay. Delivering 20% off the job training in salon as outlined in the apprenticeship agreement.

What do I have to pay an apprentice?

Apprentices are exempt from the minimum wage for the first year of training. An apprenticeship currently must be payed £4.15 per hour however this is revised every October. Many employers choose to pay more than the hourly rate in recognition of the learner’s hard work and commitment to the company.

Is there any help to employ an apprentice?

Government do offer incentives that will help towards supporting you with employing an apprentice and this is continually changing so please do ask for the most current information, alternatively you please go to DIRECTGOV to find this. The current guide is that an employer taking on an apprentice on the new hairdressing standards from May 2017 will receive an incentive payment from the government of £1000 this will be paid out in stages throughout the apprentices programme with final payment on completion of the apprenticeship. There are additional incentive payments for employers as of August 20 to support employers/ apprentices into employment due to COVID-19 . please ask for the most current information on this

We will keep you updated with the latest help for employers.

What does the learner need to bring when they start their apprenticeship?

  • Scissors
  • Clips
  • Combs
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Notepad
  • Plastic wallets

All of the equipment is required from all apprentices before starting. The Hair Academy will supply a complimentary T-shirt that must be worn at all times whilst at The Hair academy. If the T-shirt is lost a replacement cost will be included £2.00 and a further one will be charged at £5.00

How will I know how my learner is progressing?

The Hair Academy will send you a formal monthly report prepared by their assessors stating what the learners have been working on during their training sessions, what they have achieved and give you guidance and targets for the learners to follow. You will be issued a monthly employer reply form for you to contribute your comments on your learners progress. Your learner’s progress is at the heart of all our decisions therefore it is vital that we maintain effective communication. Please note that as of January 2021 these will be available via the learners E portfolio which all employers will have access to 24/7

Can I attend the academy to see how my learner is doing?

You can visit us at any time to observe your learner in training. We also hold open days and meetings throughout the year to provide you with updates on changes that may affect apprenticeships and provide you with the opportunity to meet with our tutors and discuss your learners progress: we welcome your views and invite your opinions on how we may improve our service offer to further develop our training programmes. ‘The Hair Academy team teach above the standards and assess to the standards’

Can I assess my learner in the work place?

Yes, we encourage employers and in house assessors to participate in the learning process.

You may record your learner’s progress in the formative logbook- if you hold an assessor award you may also conduct summative assessments which may be recorded in the learner’s portfolio. Assessors that conduct summative assessment must comply with City & Guilds quality assurance procedures, attend at least two annual assessor meetings and provide evidence of 30 hours continuous personal development (CPD) per year. Assessors are also subject to quality assurance visits from internal and external verifiers.

Are there any costs that I have to pay?

Currently 16-18 apprenticeships are 100% Government funded

Employers are only subject to 5% co investment for training any apprentice aged 19 + this includes Level 2 and Level 3 apprentices

We will keep you updated via email, newsletter, and post updates on the website, please feel free to contact us on the details below

The Hair Academy
Clergy House
The Churchyard
TN23 1QG

Telephone-01233 660990

Employers may use the following Crib sheet during the interviewing process. This will help you identify key aspects of the job role and it will also simplify the process for the learner.