Employer & Learner Complaint Handling & Dispute Resolution Policy

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Purpose of the Complaint Handling
& Dipute Resolution Policy

The purpose of this document outlines The Hair Academy’s customer complaints and dispute resolution processes and details the process for recording, managing and responding to complaints that are received by The Hair Academy.

This process applies to all enquiries and complaints received from employers and learners via telephone, in writing, in person or electronically.  The process ensures that they are all fully aware of the channels available to them to raise queries or complaints about The Hair Academy’s services as a provider.  It also ensures that accurate information is collected and can be used to analyse trends and areas for imrpovement.  This document is reviewed periodically and is subject to change.  Employers and learners can lodge complaints, see below for details of contact imformation:

Telephone:  01233 660990
Email: kay@thehairacademy.co.uk
Address: The Clergy House, Churchyard, Ashford, Kent TN23 1QG

Complaints Handling & Dispute Resolution Procedure

The Hair Academy categorise the level of complaints into first and second resolution.  The level of resolution depends on the type and nature of the complaint.  This section describes each of these categories and the steps undertaken to resolve the complaint.

The Hair Academy will endeavour to resolve all complaints at the first level of resoltion.  However, there are some circumstances where this is not possible and further investigation may be required.  In these instances, we will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and aim to provide a resolution within 10 working days.  Should we be unable to meet this timeframe, we will advise you of our suggested course of action and timeframe, as well as the name of the contact person for any further queries.

First Level Resolution is defined as either:

  1. First Contact Resolution – the complaint is resolved at the time of contact, through the appropriate channel and within 3 working days of receipt
  2. Staff Review – where the first contact resolution complaint is sensitive or complex in nature; a second level review is undertaken by an appropriately nominated staff member

All First level Resolution complaints must be resolved within 5 working days of receipt of the complaint.

Second Level Resolution is defined as either:

  1. Referred to the appropriate member of management – the first level of resolution has failed to resolve the complaint or the complaint is more sensitive or complex in nature, the complaint is then passed to a senior member of management/director for review and consideration.

All Second Level Resolution complaints must be resolved within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint.



hair 30 GREY REV